How To: Save a PDF to Dropbox on iOS

I’m heading to the theater this evening at the Royal Shakespeare Company, my local theater. I wanted to check where my seats were, and I was sitting with my iPhone. I didn’t want to bother to go to my Mac to check a seating plan.

I found a PDF of the seating plan. I realized that it would be a good idea to save the file to Dropbox, so I can access it whenever I need to. I often come across PDFs when browsing the web in my iPhone, which I generally don’t read because they don’t scale well to the small screen. So it’s a good idea to save them, and Dropbox is a good place to put them.

First, load a PDF in Safari. Tap the PDF, and you’ll see two buttons at the top: Open in… and Open in “iBooks.”

Save pdf to dropbox1

If you wish, you can save the PDF to iBooks; that’s a good way to have them locally. But saving to Dropbox means you can access them on any device.

Next, tap the share button in the toolbar at the bottom of the window. (It’s the square with the up-arrow pointing out of it. Find the Dropbox icon, and then tap it.

Save pdf to dropbox2

Dropbox will open. Enter your PIN, or use Touch ID, and you’ll see a dialog asking where you want to save the file.

Save pdf to dropbox3

Choose a folder, and tap Save. Your PDF file will now be in your Dropbox folder, and you’ll be able to access it from any device.