How To: Share Apple Music Songs, Albums, and Playlists

If you’ve found some great music on Apple Music, and want to tell your friends about it, you can send links to your friends so they can check it out to.

For any song, artist, album, or playlist on Apple Music, you’ll see a Share button. Click it and you’ll see five options:

Share button

You also see Share buttons for playlists you create in iTunes, or in the iOS Music app.

When you send a link to a friend, that person can click or tap the link to see what you’ve sent. If you send a link to a playlist, it will open in iTunes, or in the iOS Music app, and they’ll be able to listen to your playlist.

NOTE: I’ve been getting reports that this doesn’t work reliably on Macs, but does work on iOS. I think it has something to do with the domain redirection, but I’m not sure.

Shared playlists show up in iTunes in Playlists view under a separate grouping, Apple Music Playlists.

Apple music playlists

Click a playlist and you’ll see its name and contents, and you’ll also see the name of the person who created it:

Shared playlist

Click the … button to add it to Up Next, or to refresh it; the person who created the playlist may have made changes, and you may want to see what’s new in that playlist. You can also click the Play button to listen to the music, or click the cloud icon in the playlist header to download all the songs; or the cloud icons next to any track to download it.

Want to try? Here’s a Grateful Dead playlist I made. It contains the best songs from the Dead’s studio albums (along with one from Bob Weir’s Ace, which, while technically a solo album, featured the entire band). I’ll be adding some more of my favorite Grateful Dead tracks over time, so think about refreshing it every now and then.