How to Shoot Video with an iPhone

Shooting video with an iPhone is easy, but you may not know all the many options available on your device. You can choose the resolution and frame rate of your videos, shoot slow motion or time-lapse videos, and you can zoom and use the different lenses on your iPhone, if your model has multiple cameras.

But you can also take stills while you’re shooting video, and with third-party video apps, you have tight control over focus and exposure, making the iPhone good enough to shoot a feature film. (And it’s been done.)

In this article, I’m going to explain the many options available on an iPhone for shooting video. (And note that most of what I describe also applies to the iPad.)

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2 thoughts on “How to Shoot Video with an iPhone

  1. I may have missed it while perusing all the other helpful information but would somebody start a campaign to STOP shooting video in the vertical format. I know that you can orient the iPad and iPhone to the vertical position but even then the video isn’t really full frame.

    Horizontal also makes it a better way to play your video on TV screens which are always (right?) oriented in the horizontal format.

    As an old TV film guy, it’s most irritating, and I probably am showing my age, but … When George Lucas starts recording films in a vertical format for theaters and rental, then I will change. Until then: HORIZONTAL

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