How to Sort Songs in the iOS 10 Music App by Title

Update: iOS 10.2 was released on December 12, and it changes the way you choose this sort option.

The emails from readers about the iOS 10 Music app just keep rolling in today. The most common questions I’ve been getting are about star ratings (I discuss that in Star Ratings Are Indeed Gone in iOS 10 Music App; But There’s Still a Way to Rate Your Songs, and how to find the Shuffle or Repeat button (learn how in How to Find the Shuffle and Repeat Buttons in the iOS 10 Music App.

But another common question goes like this: when I go to my Songs list on my iPhone or iPad, all my songs are sorted by the artist, not by the song name. How can I fix this?

Well, it seems as though iOS 10 defaults to sorting songs by artist in the Music app; which is a bit odd. If you’re going to look at a list of songs, you generally want to find a specific song, not music by an artist.

To change this, go to Settings > Music, then, in the Library section, find the Sort Songs & Albums setting.

Sort songs

Tap this, and then tap By Title, and your songs will be in alphabetical order again.

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