How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam

You thought you had enough spam already, right? You get spam in your email, in Messages, on Twitter and Facebook, and on any other social media app. But now, Mac and iOS users are getting hit with calendar spam. This type of iCloud spam sends you an invitation to an “event,” which informs you of some product you can buy.

You may be familiar with calendar invitations. You can use invitations when telling friends about a party, or informing colleagues about a meeting. You create an event in your calendar, add a number of users’ email addresses, and then click Invite. Through the magic of iCloud, these users get in invitation in their calendar, on their devices.

Spammers have discovered a way to hack the iCloud calendar invitation system. They’ve been sending invitations to tout sales, which probably aren’t legitimate sales, but could be attempts to get people to give up their credit card numbers or personal information, or may lead them to sites where they’ll download malware.

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