How to Use Apple’s Find My iPhone to Find and Wipe Your Device

Computer security covers many areas. It involves protecting you from hackers and vandals, ensuring data integrity, and it also includes the protection of your devices. This means ensuring that you don’t lose your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and, if you do, helping you find them.

If your Mac or iPhone gets stolen, you don’t want anyone to be able to get at your data. You’ll have protected your device–I hope–with a strong password or passcode, but if the device is in the wild, it’s possible that someone could access your files.

Apple has a very useful feature that helps you find your devices, or, if you can’t get at them, wipe them clean. Called Find My iPhone (or iPad, or iPod touch, or Mac; it just depends on the device), this feature is part of iCloud.

In this article, I’ll explain how Find My iPhone works (I’ll use that name, even if I’m talking about other devices), how you can use it to find a lost or stolen device, and how you can send a command to remotely wipe your lost or stolen device so all its data is deleted.

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