How to Use Dark Mode in macOS Mojave

Dark mode is one of the most visible new features in macOS Mojave, and is the most radical change to the interface of Apple’s operating systems since the advent of Mac OS X in 2001. This setting allows you turn most of what you see into a sort of negative view: instead of black text on a white or gray background, you see gray text on a black (actually, dark gray in most places) background. Windows, menus, toolbars – everything shifts (though there are some elements that don’t change; see below).

Dark mode is not for everyone. Reading white text on a dark background can be difficult for many people, notably those with astigmatism. But some people love working like this; it’s a lot more restrained than the standard interface; there is less light to assail you. It is especially good for working late at night which is probably why many developers tend to favor this mode.

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  1. From this user’s perspective, Mojave is a bit dull. I dislike dark mode, the dynamic desktop image is amusing, but is something my Linux machines sported a decade ago, and a suite of unnecessary iOS derived apps got installed (Home, Voice memo, News and Stocks) which unlike their iOS versions I had to jump through hoops to remove.

  2. And from this user’s perspective, Mojave is good. Zero upgrade issues. Haven’t used the dynamic desktop image feature, but so far, dark mode feels much more relaxing, esp after hours in front of the screen. Continuity camera seems a very nifty feature for some users, myself included.
    Nothing dramatic in this upgrade – and my worst fear, that Bento (on which I have over 18,000 CD tracks entered) wouldn’t open, has not come to pass, though Bento’s now so slow I’ll have to switch to something else.
    I give Mojave a good grade.

    • Yeah, the upgrade was one of the smoothest I’ve experienced, and I expect there’s quite a bit of improvement under the hood. In non-dark mode it feels good. Generally the move to harmonise things between iOS devices (particularly iPhones) and MacOS passes me by because I don’t use an iPhone, so I guess those aspects would leave me a bit cold. The Stocks, News and Home apps should have been optional and easier to remove, though.

  3. I can’t afford to upgrade. I’m still using Yosemite 10.10.5. But I find I can use the feature in Accessibility in System Prefs, the Invert Colors. It is fine for reading anything with a text like Pages, or even the Finder. Not so good with anything with coloured pics, which give you a weird surreal effect. But as I say brilliant with text. Very restful to work in.

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