How to Use Scrivener’s Freeform Corkboard

How to use scriveners freeform corkboard1

Scrivener’s corkboard is designed to replicate the old-fashioned, analog method of using index cards to outline and structure a book. Each card may contain a scene, a beat from a scene, information about a character, bits of dialogue, locations, or anything you want to include in your book. Index cards can be rearranged easily, and allow you to structure your book starting with basic ideas, and adding more as you fill in your outline.

In Organize Your Scrivener Project with the Corkboard, we looked at how you can use the Corkboard to develop your project. In this article, we’re going to discuss the freeform Corkboard, which gives you even more flexibility in arranging and rearranging your ideas.

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