HP’s new logo is the awesome one it never used

HP is launching a global brand offensive today with the ultra-thin Spectre 13 laptop, and one of the subtler changes the company is making is to its logo. Where last year’s Spectre x360 had the full “Hewlett-Packard” written out, the new 13-inch model has just four minimalist slashes making up the “HP” wordmark. HP says it’ll be using this logo solely on its premium laptops.

Hp logo

I can see why designers may like this logo, but if I didn’t know it was HP, and saw it in the wild, I wouldn’t know what it’s supposed to be. I wonder about the logic of using a logo that is so unrecognizable. If they’re only using it on “premium laptops,” then the users will know what it means, but when other people see those laptops, will they think it’s some kind of symbol from Star Wars or something? Or will they equate it with James Bond, when they learn that the laptop model is the “Spectre?”

Source: HP’s new logo is the awesome one it never used | The Verge