I fixed Apple’s red iPhone with a $14 screen protector – The Verge

The new red iPhone looks just awesome. Well, the back of it does, anyway. I’ve never been a fan of phones with white bezels. I find them distracting — particularly in sunlight — and have always preferred the “single slab of glass” appearance that a black border gives off. So I was disappointed that Apple went with white on the front of the Product Red iPhone. It wasn’t surprising given that’s what you get with the gold and rose gold iPhones. But Apple hasn’t always done that. The white iPhone 3G and 3GS had a black on the front. More recently, the same was true for the iPhone 5C, which had a black faceplate opposite its vibrant colors around back.

But sadly that’s not the direction Jony Ive went for the special edition iPhone 7. So what’s a person to do? Well, you could buy a second phone and swap the displays, as seen in the video below. But that might get expensive unless you’ve got a friend who for whatever reason wants a white front on their black iPhone.

There’s another, far more affordable option: just buy a screen protector.

The red’s nice, but the white bezel makes it look cheap. Apple should have made the bezel and home button black.

Source: I fixed Apple’s red iPhone with a $14 screen protector – The Verge