I Miss Using the Apple Remote to Control iTunes Playback on My Computer

MM4T2I’ve got a comfy chair in my office, facing my desk, about 15 feet away from it. I often sit in that chair and read, listening to music at the same time. I remember when the Apple Remote could control the media playback on my computer. I would use the play/pause button, and the next and previous buttons to easily control what I heard.

I miss this. Sure, you can use the Remote app on an iOS device, but you have to 1) wake up your iPhone or iPad, 2) press the Home button, 3) find the app, 4) tap it, 5) select the library (if there’s more than one), then 6) tap the controls. Of course, the next time you do this, if the app is frontmost, it’s quicker, but that little hardware remote was so much easier to use.

I wish there were a way to control media playback with some sort of simple hardware remote…