iA Writer 5: From Raw to Cooked to Sushi — iA

“Technology evolves from raw, to complex, to simple. From the fist, to the hand axe, to the hammer. From carts, to the Model T, to self-driving cars. From switchboard-operated phones to digital phones to smartphones. From SMS to Facebook to Messenger. From the crude to the cooked to Sushi. After seven years of development, where on this trajectory is iA Writer?”

iA Writer is my text editor of choice on the Mac. I use it for most of my writing. (I also use Scrivener, MarsEdit, and Nisus Writer Pro, which are each used for specific types of projects.) They’ve gone from simple to complex back to simple, and it remains the easiest text editor for writing (i.e., not for working with code), and one of the most attractive to use.

In this article, the people at Information Architects discuss their design philosophy, and how important it is to keep things simple. There’s a constant give and take between simplicity and features that users want, but Information Architects has managed to keep their app one of the clearest, easiest to use text editors for Mac.

Source: iA Writer 5: From Raw to Cooked to Sushi — iA