iCloud Music Library Annoyances

I recently wrote about a number of Apple Music annoyances; issues you may see when using Apple’s new streaming service. But there’s another source of headaches in the latest version of iTunes: iCloud Music Library. What’s going on with iCloud Music Library?

First, you need to understand exactly what iCloud Music Library is and a little about how it works. This cloud storage feature includes iTunes Match as well as the part of Apple Music that stores music you add to your personal iTunes library. If you have an iTunes Match subscription, then iCloud Music Library replicates its features. If not, if you’re only using Apple Music, on a free trial or a paid subscription, iCloud Music Library manages the music and playlists that you add to your iTunes library from Apple Music.

One source of confusion for iTunes Match subscribers is the fact that you no longer see the term iTunes Match anywhere in iTunes. While you’re still paying for this service — $25 a year — be aware that iTunes is not mentioning it anymore.

There are some problems you may encounter with iCloud Music Library. Here’s a look at some of the most annoying iCloud Music Library issues, and if possible, how to fix them.

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