iCloud Music Library Screws Up Album Artwork

Okay, Apple, you’ve done it again. You’ve screwed up my album artwork. And it’s really, really annoying.

After turning on Apple Music and iCloud Music Library, I noticed that a lot of my albums had artwork that was wrong. Here are some of my Bob Dylan albums in iTunes:

Apple music album artwork

The Pat Garret and Billy the Kid cover is wrong, the Planet Waves, Shot of Love and Side Tracks albums all show artwork for Biograph, and WTF is that with the Real Live artwork, which shows the Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack artwork?

Lots of my albums are showing no artwork at all; for some reason, this is the case with a lot of my Beatles albums. Most of my David Bowie albums have the incorrect artwork, and the artwork for this Grateful Dead album is totally wrong; it’s a live album, so it simply can’t be in the Complete Studio Rarities Collection. (And, anyway, it’s from my CD rip, and that collection is only available on the iTunes Store.)

Apple music dead artwork

For now, I’ve only turned on iCloud Music Library on my MacBook Pro; this Mac has a test library, and I’m not about to risk my full library.