Access all the Files on Your iOS Device with iExplorer

While it’s easy to sync media and other content from iTunes to your iOS device, there’s no simple way to get stuff off your iPhone and iPad. iExplorer can let you access all of this content.

Connect your iOS device to your computer (iExplorer has both Mac and Windows versions), and launch iExplorer. Here’s what you see:

Iexplorer all

As you can see, iExplorer lets you access a number of different types of content on your iOS device:

  • Documents
  • Backups (on your Mac or PC)
  • Media
  • iCloud
  • Apps
  • Bookmarks
  • And more

You can transfer music from your iOS device to iTunes, copy your photos, files and more.

You can also access data from your device; copy your messages, your call history, contacts, notes, and more.

Check out iExplorer if you want to be able to copy files and content from your iOS device. There are both Mac and Windows versions, and it supports all iOS devices and iPods ever made.