If You Don’t Own an iPhone, the Apple Watch Will Cost You at Least $900

Apple has made this pretty clear, but in case you missed it, you will need to have an iPhone to use the Apple Watch. If you don’t have one yet, this means the new smartwatch will set you back at least $900. That’s $349 for the cheapest Apple Watch – the Sport model – and $549 for the cheapest iPhone (the 5s; I don’t count the 5c, because it’s too limited). This is the unlocked price for the iPhone, of course; you can get one cheaper if you commit to a contract.

Iphone 649If you want, say, a stainless steel Apple Watch and an iPhone 6, then you’re looking at $649 for the iPhone (with only 16 GB storage), and nearly as much – $549 – for the cheapest stainless steel model (in 38 mm; add $50 for the larger, 42 mm model). That brings the total to nearly $1,200; not cheap to have a gizmo on your wrist.

Just saying… if you don’t have an iPhone, it’s pretty expensive to buy into this new ecosystem.