Import Photos from SD Cards to iPhone and iPad with New Apple Adapter; Older Adapter Now Works with iPhone

SD card adapterAbout three years ago, Apple released an adapter that allowed you to import photos from an SD card to an iPad. Curiously, this adapter never allowed you to do the same on an iPhone.

Yesterday, Apple released a new $29 or £25 Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, which works with both types of devices (iPhone 5 or later, and recent iPad models). At the same time, Apple released iOS 9.2, and this software update allows the older adapter to work with the iPhone, as well as with the iPad.

I have one of the older adapters, and find it much more practical than trying to find the SD card slot on the back of my iMac. I also like the ability to easily select photos to import on the iPad, and delete photos from the card as well. I had long wanted to be able to do this on the iPhone, because, if I’m traveling, it’s nice to be able to back up photos easily. I generally always have my iPhone with me, but not my iPad.

So if you have the older adapter, update your iPhone, and you’ll be able to use it there. And if not, you might find that this adapter is useful. At $29, it’s an inexpensive accessory that may improve your photo workflow.