Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #165: What Do You Want for Christmas?

Apple announces new over-the-ear headphones, AirPods Max, and we discuss whether these meet the needs of our hosts. Apple doubles down on anti-tracking rules, and WhatsApps complains about Apple’s coming “nutritional labels” about data collection in apps. And Apple and Cloudflare have come up with a new way of sending DNS requests that protects privacy.

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2 thoughts on “Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #165: What Do You Want for Christmas?

  1. Do the Apple nutritional labels rely on a developer honestly filling out a questionnaire about their app? Or does Apple have an automated way to determine what data apps are capturing, then to produce the nutritional label? The latter, I hope.

    • I think it’s self-declaration, and, while that does sound like it could be abused, Apple will certainly remove apps that violate it.

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