Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #275: M2 Chip Boost, New Macs, and the Return of the HomePod

Apple has introduced the latest versions of its M2 chips, and updated three Mac models. They also surprised everyone with a new, full-sized HomePod. We also look at brand-based phishing, Google’s AirTag clones, and a trifecta of stories about instant messaging apps.

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1 thought on “Intego Mac Podcast, Episode #275: M2 Chip Boost, New Macs, and the Return of the HomePod

  1. My two long lost internet podcast “friends”!!! I have missed hearing your entertaining and SO SO helpful podcasts. I have been extremely preoccupied over the past 2 years or so trying to hold my family/business together through the world wide attack and scam. All financed by my own government NIH & at the behest of their CCP master. The world wide evil hands have surely tipped their collective mitts with impunity.

    It is nice to hear reasonable interesting friends again on the net. There are so many shills out there – all hawking and hollering!!. I trust you both are doing well. I assume Kirk you are still in that beautiful pastoral setting in the mother land. I cannot wait to start getting caught back up with your writings amazing photos – and podcasts with Josh!! I bought my daughter a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip (upgrade from a i5 MacBook & my son a 2022 M2 MacBook Air speced out also!! (he had an even more antiquated core duo 2 MacBook Pro) They love them. I need to replace my 07 iMac – and I am lusting after that M2 MacMini. Thank you for your time gentlemen. Sincerely, Larry C

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