Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 55: Apple Brings Out New Macs and iPads

Apple released new Macs and iPads this week, and Josh and Kirk talk about the new MacBook Air, the Mac mini, and the iPod Pro. We also cover some security news, such as new Mac malware, Apple security updates, and more.

Check out the latest episode of The Intego Mac Podcast, which I co-host with Josh Long. We talk about Macs and iOS devices, and how to keep them secure.

0 thoughts on “Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 55: Apple Brings Out New Macs and iPads

  1. Great episode. What about the long overdue update to iMac? Is Apple sending a message that it is turning more to tablets and laptops? I have a 9 year old iMac and want to update it but am wondering if the iMac is on its way out!

  2. I have searched for information regarding the new Mac mini being used as a media server. (for my home) Specifically I wanted to know if an external drive (either HDD or SSD) could be used with the new Mac mini to store all my video media since my budget would only allow for a base model and my ripped video content was about 300GB. Leave it up to Kirk (in one sentence) in this podcast answer it all.
    I cannot be the only person who would like to use a Mac mini as a media server for my home network and don’t have all the answers as to how to. I know I can get out “cheaper” using other hardware. But after having bad experiences with non Apple devices for many years – I am wedded to staying in the “Apple Architecture”. The Mac mini will replace an 11 year old MacBook Pro used for that purpose now. I am writing this on an 8 yr old MBP and my master iTunes library is housed on an 11 year old iMac all networked through an Airport Extreme (“rooter”!! as Kirk calls them)
    These Intego podcasts seem to always answer some question I have in one way or the other while educating me on other issues I am rather ignorant of. Keep up the great work men and thank you .

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