Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 94: Preparing for macOS Catalina

We discuss some ways to check that your apps are all compatible with macOS Catalina. We also talk about Apple contractors listening to Siri recordings (but Kirk also adds a last minute update about Apple’s change of heart), how the Facebook “Like” button can be a privacy problem, and how Google has discovered some new iOS vulnerabilities.

Check out the latest episode of The Intego Mac Podcast, which I co-host with Josh Long. We talk about Macs and iOS devices, and how to keep them secure.

1 thought on “Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 94: Preparing for macOS Catalina

  1. Very helpful re Catalina, thank you. I am worried. Like Kirk, I have software for Epson scanner and SpyderPro, neither of which have been updated for years by the vendors, although both the apps and the devices work well and I use them all the time. I also use the last version of Lightroom perpetual licence which, presumably, Adobe are not planning to update.

    A compatibility environment would be helpful. Apple.

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