iOS 8.2 Still Hasn’t Fixed iTunes Syncing

iOS 8.2 claimed to fix some problems with iTunes syncing. It doesn’t seem to have done much. I asked readers in this article to post comments if they saw any improvements, and, so far, many have not seen any change. One commenter even has new problems that didn’t exist before the iOS 8.2 update.

As for me, it’s a mixed bag. My iPhone 5s – my everyday iOS device – syncs a lot more quickly than before. I don’t see the “Waiting for changes to be applied” in iTunes any more, other than for a brief time. And I haven’t had a massive sync failure, yet.

However, there are still a dozen tracks that simply won’t sync. Interestingly, they are all purchased tracks, and all by U2.

Still wont sync

Lots of people still have issues. This article about iTunes 12 sync issues currently has 89 comments, with new ones added almost daily. For many people, one of the biggest problems is not just that syncing doesn’t work, but that Apple is pretending that this problem doesn’t exist. I’ve heard from people who had Apple tell them to get a new computer, changed their iPhones, anything but give them a valid answer to the syncing problem.

I feel like I’m flogging a dead horse, publishing yet another article about iTunes syncing issues. But I keep getting comments and emails from readers, showing that Apple simply isn’t willing to admit there is a problem, and to fix this problem. They can release a $17,000 Apple Watch, but they still pretend that there’s nothing wrong with iTunes syncing. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

Let’s hope the Apple Watch syncs correctly. If not, maybe Apple will be motivated to fix these issues.