iOS 9 Spotlight App Search: All Apps Enabled by Default, and This Doesn’t Make Sense

Spotlight app searchiOS 9 offers the ability for Spotlight to search content in apps other than Mail, Messages, etc. This is a neat feature, or will be, but it’s implemented in a strange way. Every single app on my iPhone shows up in the Spotlight Search list (Settings > General > Spotlight Search).

For this sort of feature, I’d expect apps would need to register that they can indeed be searched. But look at the apps at the top of the list: Activity, AirPort Utility, and, if I scroll down, Calculator, Clock, weather apps, Find iPhone, and every other app on my iPhone.

While I know that most of these apps won’t be polluting my search results, I question the addition of a feature that just tosses everything into a list, even if the apps can’t hook into Spotlight. It really looks like someone didn’t think this through.