iPad Pro gets the screen treatment some Mac pros want

On Monday Apple introduced a new version of the iPad Pro, smaller than before but equipped with the same technology as its big sibling: Smart Connector to attach an external keyboard, A9 processor inside, Apple Pencil support. One comment from Apple VP Phil Schiller caught my ear, though — he explained that the smaller iPad Pro has a low-reflectance screen. Apple says that it’s 40 percent less reflective than the iPad Air 2, which Schiller said professionals really love.

It’s an interesting comment, because all Apple laptops all come with glossy screens — much to the chagrin of many tech professionals who rely on Mac laptops to do their work. 

Apple used to offer matte and glossy screens as an option on MacBook Pros, but did away with the option a number of years ago.

Peter Cohen reminds us of the olden days, when Macs didn’t reflect as much as they do now. I’ve kind of gotten used it it; my iMac is on my desk, in a position where there is no reflection, but it means I can’t use the ceiling light in my office. When I work on my MacBook, I have to make sure I’m in a position where they won’t be any reflection, and that can be annoying.

Perhaps this new “less reflective” display is the first step towards Apple applying the same treatment to all their displays. It would be interesting if this were the case. I’d really like less shine from my Macs’ displays.

Source: iPad Pro gets the screen treatment some Mac pros want — Peter Cohen