iPhone 6s: 3D Touch is a Right-Click for a Phone

As you probably know, Apple introduced new everything yesterday (well, everything that’s not Macs). One of the marquee features of the iPhone 6s and 6s plus is 3D Touch, a version of Force Touch (available on the Apple Music and the new MacBook) that allows you to access additional information about items you’re viewing.

You can “peek” or “pop” different things and access different functions or view more content. On Apple’s 3D Touch page, you can see some examples.

3d touch1

Above, you see what happens if you force touch (pop or peek; I don’t know) an app icon. You get access to a number of functions that save you a tap. And below, you can see some other options, where you act on content you’ve viewing, or a contact, or email.

3d touch2

I like this idea. It’s a kind of right-click for a phone. I often find that I’m tapping a lot to get to something obvious, and if 3D Touch has the right options, you can save a lot of time. I don’t think the haptic feedback is essential, and I think Apple could have added this feature to iOS 9 for all devices; just tap and hold to see the menus. But they didn’t, perhaps because it requires a different type of sensor under the glass.

While this feature isn’t enough to get you to buy a new iPhone, it’s certainly a welcome addition to the device.