iPhone Case Notes: The Vaja Grip for iPhone 6s

A company got in touch with me recently asking if I was interested in any of the iPhone cases they sell to review here on Kirkville. I get a lot of emails like this, and ignore most of them, but this person was offering me a case from a brand that I’m familiar with, Vaja.

I first heard about this brand many years ago when I was writing a book about the iPod. At the time, the iPod case market wasn’t saturated, and I contacted several companies for samples to be able to discuss the different types of cases available in my book. I still have the Vaja case that I received back then for a touch-wheel iPod.

Vaja2But I hadn’t come across Vaja cases since then, and I was very happy to see that the company is still making high-quality leather cases. The one I was sent is the Vaja Grip, in dark brown leather. Beautifully crafted of soft, yet durable leather, this case feels very nice in the hand. It grips the iPhone well, and it extends above the screen by about 1 mm, to protect the screen when you place the phone face down. It’s very light, and, as its name suggests, it’s easy to grip. And it smells nice; it’s real leather.

This case has cutouts for the buttons on either side of the phone, and on the bottom, for the lightning connector, headphone jack, and speakers. There is also a cutout at the top, which is more for esthetic reasons to balance the case. I generally prefer cases that wrap around the phone entirely, that cover the buttons allowing you to press on “buttons” in the case to activate them. It seems that a case like that will have less of a chance of falling off the phone. But the Vaja Grip seems to stay one my iPhone 6s quite well, and I’m not worried.


Vaja also makes wallet and flip cases, if you prefer that type of protection.

This is an expensive case, but if you’re tired of the many faux leather or cheap silicone cases, and you want something that feels nice in the hand, this case might be for you.