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iPhone XS has a completely new camera. It’s not just a different sensor, but an entirely new approach to photography that is new to iOS. Since it leans so heavily on merging exposures and computational photography, images may look quite different from those you’ve taken in similar conditions on older iPhones.

The developers of the Halide app for iOS – a photo app that notably shoots in raw – explain how the iPhones XS camera is so different from its predecessors. He goes into great detail, and it’s worth reading this if you’re a bit of a photography geek and want to know how to manage this new device.

Source: iPhone XS: Why It’s A Whole New Camera — Halide

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  1. It’s a great article and I’m grateful to you for bringing this to our attention. I fully understand the bias in selective quotes from a lengthy discussion, but with that in mind:
    “As it stands today, if you shoot RAW with an iPhone XS, you need to go manual and under-expose” – “Bizarrely, RAW files from the iPhone X are better than those from the iPhone XS.”
    The article explains why and implies this is the future because using Smart HDR on the XS makes for better final pictures.
    My points would be: I have a X. Going up to XS is very expensive. I rarely shoot RAW on an iPhone. If I do, I want to do it in Auto and get the best image with the least amount of editing. Otherwise, I leave that to my Nikon DSLR and Affinity app on my iMac. Shooting in non-RAW, the X and XS are equally balance – in general.
    Outside of photography, the differences between the X and XS are marginal.
    I could mention the charging and other problems that have emerged with the XS, but these will be sorted eventually. But still, thanks for that article.

    • I agree with you; I don’t shoot raw on my iPhone. I use a “real” camera to do that. Nevertheless, this is all very interesting, showing how much software there is behind an iPhone camera.

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