Is This Normal Wear for a $100 / £100 Leather Apple Watch Band?

Last year, when I got the new Meyer Lemon Leather Loop Band for my Apple Watch, I posted a review here on this website. I liked the band, and I still do. However, today I posted an update to that article, with this photo, saying:

Yellow band with wear

I’ve had this band now for about nine months, and I don’t wear it all the time. It’s a bit problematic when you’re doing activities around water, such as cooking, where I wash my hands a lot, or even any form of exercise where you sweat. I’d say that I’ve worn it about 25% of the time in this period, because I have other bands and I like to switch, so the current condition is the equivalent of wearing it for a few months full time.

For $100 / £100, the wear this band shows after this amount of time is quite unacceptable. They way the yellow has worn off on the edges especially around the fold is disturbing, and, while other colors might not show the wear in the same way, on this band it looks unsightly. To be fair, the worn parts are on the underside of my wrist, but every time I put it on, I’m disappointed by the quality. I’ll contact Apple and see what they say.

I tweeted about this, mentioning @AppleSupport, and was a bit surprised by their reply:

I don’t know, it seems to me that this much wear after what was no more than a few months use is a bit excessive, even surprising, but I guess they don’t feel the same way. I wouldn’t buy a leather Apple Watch band again from Apple. If the company doesn’t think they’re supposed to last, then you’re just throwing money away.

7 thoughts on “Is This Normal Wear for a $100 / £100 Leather Apple Watch Band?

  1. I wanted to buy the same band / colour combination but I decided not to exactly because all the reviews on shopping websites were saying that the band is particularly prone to this kind of issues. It’s a shame.
    To be honest the photo doesn’t look “horrible bad”, it’s clear that you tried to take care of the band. Hard for support to give you any other answer, it would open the floodgates…

    • But imagine if I had worn it exclusively. My estimate is that I wore it at most 25% of the time, and the wear is really a problem of design: the fact that the leather doesn’t stand up well to the place where it folds and goes through the loop.

  2. Had a black leather loop. Similar wear but didn’t look that bad. Have a midnight blue band for certain occasions as I love the leather loop but expect it to wear like this as the leather is pretty darn thin. Not ideal but still one of the best looking bands in my view.

  3. Being a dinosaur in tech terms, I don’t have an Apple watch. I do have 8 with stainless steel bands, 9 with black leather (2 have decorative stitching) and 2 tan leather and 2 black plastic. Oh, and a couple of fob pocket watches (inherited). The lady wife reckons enough is enough. I’m 75 and will probably bequeath them to my nephews. If I had Apple’s yellow straps which wore so quickly I’d sue – especially if it dyed your skin!

  4. Most bands can be had from eBay at a small fraction of the cost and although they may be lower quality, I’ve not been able to tell the difference and Kirk’s experience would indicate Apple quality ain’t much to write home about. At the far lower cost it doesn’t hurt so much when you do have to replace them.

    • In my experience, Apple bands, with this one exception, are extremely well made. The sport band, for example, is a different material in third party bands. I’ve not tried third party leather loops, but there aren’t many.

  5. Left You a comment on Twitter Kirk. My powder blue leather (£9.99 on eBay) shows no signs of wear. If I could send a pic let me know Show that to Apple Support. Disgraceful!

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