iTunes 12.2 Changes Some Song Ratings to Album Ratings

A poster to Kirk’s iTunes Forum asked if anyone was seeing song ratings changed to album rating in iTunes 12.2. I hadn’t noticed it, but, when I checked my MacBook Pro, I saw that this was the case for many of my tracks.

You can rate both songs and albums in iTunes. Depending on what you rate, some of the rating stars become dark gray, and others light gray. If you rate a song, its rating stars are dark gray; if you rate an album, but not its songs, all the songs of the album get light gray stars.

Here’s how it looks. I really like Bob Dylan’s Time out of Mind, and there are a couple of songs on it that I rated 5 stars, the highest ratings. But if I look at it now, I see this:

Star ratings

I don’t rate albums, so any album rating in my library has to have been applied by iTunes. I see some albums where a couple of tracks show dark gray stars, and all the rest light gray stars; again, these must be albums where I’ve rated a few tracks.

The problem with this is that album ratings count the same as song ratings, if you’re creating smart playlists, for example, and display the same as song ratings in the iOS Music app.

You can fix this using Doug Adams’ Album Rating Reset AppleScript.