iTunes 12.2: New Playlist View Option

New in iTunes 12.2, Playlist view is only available when you’re viewing a playlist. It’s a hybrid between Albums view and Songs view; it display more information than Songs view, without taking up as much space as Albums view.
Playlist view offers fewer display options than the other views: since it includes artwork thumbnails, you cannot choose to display artwork or not; you also can’t choose which columns you want to see. It’s a one-size fits all view.

Playlist view

As you can see above, Playlist view shows a track name, artist, and album together, in a compact block of text. It also shows the duration of the track, an iCloud icon (if tracks are in the cloud), their genre, and their year (if you’ve entered year tags for your music).

When you view playlists – whether in Playlist view, or another view – iTunes creates a montage of the album artwork contained in that playlist, displaying four album covers. You can change this artwork if you wish; read this article to find out how.