iTunes 12.4 and Home Videos

I got a question on Twitter about the Home Videos library in iTunes 12.4. When you add a video of your own – whether you filmed it on a device and copied it to your computer to add to your iTunes library, or you ripped a DVD – iTunes adds it to the Home Videos library. You need to change that video’s Media Kind (in the Options pane of the Info window) to Movie or TV Show. iTunes assumes that any video you import into iTunes is a home video.

Home videosBut if you have no home videos in your iTunes library, you may not see where these videos belong. If you add a video to your iTunes library, iTunes displays the Home Videos sub-library in the sidebar. And if you subsequently delete that video, Home Videos remains visible.

If you did have home videos in your library before upgrading to iTunes 12.4, do you see this sub-library?