iTunes 12.5 and iOS 10 Music App to Add Lyrics to Song Playback

Those people who care about the words of the songs they love have long wanted to be able to easily view lyrics when playing music in iTunes or on iOS devices. There have been suggestions that Apple would be adding this, and in the latest beta version of iTunes 12.5, lyrics are now available.

Currently, you can only view lyrics in iTunes by selecting a track, pressing Command-I, and viewing the Lyrics pane of the Info window. On iOS, you cane view lyrics by tapping the album artwork of the currently playing track. But this only displays lyrics you have manually added to your tracks, in that Info window Lyrics pane. Now, iTunes and iOS will search for lyrics for your music.

To view lyrics, play some music, then click the Up Next menu. There are now three tabs: Up Next, History, and Lyrics. If you find a song where Apple can provide lyrics – and it’s not yet clear how many songs offer lyrics, or which songs they are – you’ll see the words of the song in this tab.

Itunes 12 5 lyrics

If you leave this menu visible, lyrics will display as songs change (as long as the lyrics are available). And if you have added lyrics to your songs, they display in the same way.

You can also view lyrics from the MiniPlayer window. Click the Up Next button and then click Lyrics.

Miniplayer lyrics

And if you expand the window to display larger artwork, it looks like this:

Miniplayer artwork lyrics

You can have the MiniPlayer window float over other windows so you can see lyrics even when iTunes isn’t in the front.

In the latest iOS 10 beta, you can also view lyrics in the Music app. When playing a song, tap …, then tap Lyrics. You’ll see the lyrics display in their own sheet:

Ios lyrics1     Ios lyrics2