iTunes 12.6 Overhauls the MiniPlayer Window

You may be familiar with the MiniPlayer window in iTunes. This little window lets you control what you’re listening to, and view some information about the currently playing track. Here’s what it looked like in iTunes 12.5:


At the top is the MiniPlayer when you were playing a track; at the bottom when you hovered your cursor over the window.

You could resize the MiniPlayer, to what I called the Artwork Player:

Miniplayer large

All this has changed. If you choose Window > MiniPlayer, here’s what you see:

Miniplayer default

There’s no longer a header at the top of the window. The above screenshot was taken with my cursor hovering over the window, which displays the controls rather than the name of the track, artist, and album.

You can now resize the MiniPlayer much more than previously, but one of the biggest changes is what happens if you click the blue Up Next button at the right of the window, or if you drag the window from the bottom:

Miniplayer expanded

As you can see, you now have access to a full Up Next queue, your play history, and lyrics, in a clean display.

And if you liked that smaller window, just drag the bottom of the window as high as possible, and you’ll get this:

Miniplayer small

You can resize this window a bit, making it narrower or wider.

For many users, the MiniPlayer can now be a full control center for iTunes.