iTunes 12: Where’s the Repeat Button?

Sometimes you’re playing an album you love, and you like it so much that you want to repeat it. There used to be a button in the iTunes window – in what’s called the iTunes LCD, which shows information about what’s playing – that let you do this. In iTunes 12, that button is gone, and you only see a Shuffle button, just to the right of the album artwork:

Itunes lcd

Well, the Repeat button may be gone, but the Repeat feature is still there, tucked away in a menu and sub-menu. Click the Controls menu, and you’ll see Repeat; click that to choose All, which repeats the entire album or playlist until you stop playback, or choose One to play the current song over and over, until you simply have to turn it off.


As Jacco points out in a comment below, you can also bring up a menu with Shuffle and Repeat options by right-clicking or Control-clicking just to the right of the artwork, where the Repeat button is:


Interestingly, the Repeat button appears in the iTunes LCD if you turn on Repeat:


This suggests that its absence may be a bug in iTunes, and it will be restored later. Even if you click the button to toggle Repeat, or choose Controls > Repeat > Off to turn off the Repeat function, the button remains visible until you quit and relaunch iTunes.

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