iTunes Match Renewal Reminder Ignores Apple Music

I got an email from Apple today reminding me that my iTunes Match subscription is due to auto-renew in two weeks. Interestingly, it says a lot about using iTunes, storing music in the cloud, and listening to iTunes Radio, but makes no mention of Apple Music.

Itunes match renewal

This email is most likely the same one that was used before Apple Music was introduced. It mentions a feature that no longer exists under the same name (iTunes Radio), and neglects to mention one of the big advantages of using iTunes Match: that music you re-download from iCloud Music Library with an iTunes Match subscription does not have DRM. In fact, it assumes that the user is using only iTunes Match, and not Apple Music.

It’s true that you can use iTunes Match without Apple Music, but iTunes Match is now part of iCloud Music Library. This is one of Apple’s more confusing product matrices; once you’ve turned on iTunes Match in iTunes, the feature is nowhere to be seen.

Oh, and that first sentence; the bit that says “Keep all your music in the cloud…”? Apple still hasn’t increased the track limit from 25,000 to 100,000 as they have promised, so I can’t keep all my music in the cloud…