iTunes: Save Album Artwork for Currently Playing Track; Even iTunes Radio Tracks

Screen Shot 2015 02 05 at 4 43 09 PMI hadn’t spotted this when Doug Adams posted this AppleScript that can save the current track’s artwork. You can run the script to save a track that you’re playing from your iTunes library, but also a track that’s playing in iTunes Radio.

For example, I just started playing my Miles Davis Radio station, and the first track that came up was McCoy Tyner playing Blue Monk.

I ran the script, and it saved this image, with the name Night of Ballads and Blues.jpg.

Night of Ballads and Blues

I wish this could save album artwork from tracks that I listen to as previews in the iTunes Store; that would save time finding artwork when I rip CDs. (I could just start playing a track from the album I’m ripping, then save the graphic.)

But, if you want to save artwork from any track – yours, or the ones you hear on iTunes Radio – this is a very quick way to do so.