iTunes Tip: Quickly Add Songs and Other Items to Playlists

If you’re browsing your iTunes library, and you want to choose some songs to listen to, you probably know that you can drag them to playlists to add them to those playlists. But if you have a lot of playlists, and you want to add songs to a number of different playlists, it may be difficult to have all the playlists visible in the iTunes source list (the sidebar on the left).

There’s a neat way to add any items to playlists without dragging them. Just right-click on a song or other item, then choose Add to Playlist, then choose a playlist from the submenu that displays.

That submenu shows all the regular (i.e., not “smart”) playlists in your iTunes library. (You can only add items to smart playlists by setting conditions.) You can easily add items to playlists that are at any location in the iTunes Source list, and even to playlists in folders or sub-folders.