iTunes Update Fixes Network Access Problem

Just last Friday, I wrote about an annoying problem that had surfaced since the last iTunes update. If you didn’t have network access – if you were using, say, a laptop in an area with no wi-fi – iTunes would display a network error dialog.

Itunes network

iTunes 12.5.5, released yesterday, fixes this problem. So download the latest iTunes update if this problem was irking you.

Note: Naturally, my article had nothing to do with this fix being rolled out now. But I wrote about this issue because a lot of readers pointed out how problematic it was for them. Often, bugs like this last for much longer in iTunes, and in other Apple software. So kudos to Apple for getting the fix out so quickly (i.e., since the iTunes 12.5.4 update, on December 13). Though the company should have discovered this bug in their testing of the previous version…