iWant: Searches by Label on the iTunes Store

001.pngThere’s a small change Apple could make to help listeners find more music on the iTunes Store. They could allow customers to search by record label. And, they should set up their listings so you can click on the name of a label to find all of its releases.

As you can see here, each album shows the name of the record label; here it’s Mode Records. I like the music of Morton Feldman (you might want to check out his astounding 6-hour String Quartet No. 2), and would like to see which other recordings the same label has released. Especially since a search for this recording by the composer’s full name – Morton Feldman – does not find it; you have to search for “Feldman string quartet.”

I’d like to be able to see the latest releases from the classical labels I like a lot: Hyperion Records, Naxos Records, Harmonia Mundi, and others. And when I come across an interesting new recording, I’d like to see what else that label has released. Because record companies – other than the majors – have personalities, and their catalogues reflect those personalities.

The same is true in Jazz, where there are long-standing labels like ECM, who have a unique style, and a whole slew of independent labels. Plenty of other genres have vibrant indies too – be it rap, electronica, or folk – and plenty of music fans follow these labels.

Adding label searches could only improve the iTunes Store, and make it easier for music fans to find new music they might like.