Kindle Family Library: Share Your Kindle Books with Family Members

One thing that has kept me from buying more ebooks is the inability to share them with my partner. In the US, you can share Kindle ebooks, on a one-off basis, but it’s not a simple process. Here in the UK, there is no such feature.

I noticed a new feature listed on Amazon’s Kindle Voyage page called Family Library. (, Amazon UK)


This is something I’d been hoping for for quite some time. Now, if one of us buys a Kindle ebook, the other can read it. It’s not yet clear if this means we can both read it at the same time, but I would guess that it will function like that. It’s also not clear if this is specific to the Kindle Voyage; I don’t think it would be. But with this feature, I’m more likely to buy ebooks in the future.