Kirk’s Picks No. 7 – Bosch [TV series]

The seventh and final series of Bosch, after the novels of Michael Connelly, is now on Amazon Prime Video.

Theme music: Honest Labor, composed and performed by Timo Andres.

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3 thoughts on “Kirk’s Picks No. 7 – Bosch [TV series]

  1. I realize this comment is about the original interview done in April of 2020, but I had not listened to it until after I got the email about it yesterday (7-4-21).

    I really enjoyed your interview with Michael Connelly and learning about the musical input surrounding the Bosch series. I, too, have followed the Bosch series on Prime, although have read only two of the books, The Black Echo and The Concrete Blonde. And I found it interesting how jazz figured into the atmosphere in the production of the series, despite Connelly’s relative (I don’t want to say “ignorance”) non-knowledge of the genre. I personally have a fairly extensive music library of jazz having collected records and CDs and now Apple Music for many years. I was hoping to learn why the opening theme music was chosen—”Can’t Let Go” by Jesse Nolan—which I feel is the lone weak aspect of the series. The tune is monotonous, used for the entirety of the series, and makes me want to mute the stream and just get to the storyline.

  2. You mention that Season 7 has a “gratuitous” story line. I was wondering what specifically you were referring to. If it was the harrassment of :Lt. Billets, I would disagree, as that type of thing goes on all too often. I did enjoy both the series and your review of it.

    • Yes, that sort of thing does go on all the time, but it’s not really germane to the story. If there had been some link between the two cops harassing her and something else around the murder, then it would have made more sense.

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