Kirkville in 2016

2016 was another busy year for Kirkville. With 2.8 million page views and 2 million unique visitors, a lot of people came to the site to read about Apple’s latest versions of macOS, iOS, and iTunes. Page views were down a bit from 2015 (3 million), mainly because I moved in the middle of the year, and needed to spend a lot of time packing, then unpacking.

This years most five most popular articles were:

While my writings about books, music, and theater didn’t draw anywhere near the same numbers, they also proved relatively popular in 2016, particularly my reviews of Shakespeare plays at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

I hope you’ve appreciated the wide range of topics I cover, from Macs to music, from iTunes to iOS, and, now, even watches. I plan to continue along the same eclectic path in the new year, focusing mainly on technology, but also writing about my interests. Thanks very much for reading, and thanks to all the polite commenters who have turned many of these articles into conversations.

Thank you also for supporting Kirkville through my affiliate links for Amazon, Take Control Books, and other vendors. It doesn’t cost you anything to use these links, and I get a small percentage of what you spend, which helps me be able to afford to devote time to writing for this site.

As mentioned recently, I’ll be changing the domain of this site from to I’ll be making the change in the next few days. Initially, you won’t see anything different, since old links will redirect to the new site, but I’ll remind you several times to change your bookmarks or RSS feeds to the new domain.