Learn How to Keep Everything Safe with Take Control of 1Password, Second Edition

Tc1passwordLike many people, I use 1Password to store my passwords and keep all my data safe. It’s a great app, but getting the most out of it can take a bit of work. Fortunately, Joe Kissell has written a great book about it. There’s a new edition out, and, if you use 1Password, you should get this book to learn the best practices for passwords, and for using this app.

In this book, Joe Kissell brings years of real-world 1Password experience into play to explain not only how to create, edit, and enter Web login data easily, but also how to autofill contact and credit card info when shopping online, audit your passwords and generate better ones, and sync and share your passwords using a variety of techniques–including 1Password for Teams. Joe focuses on 1Password 6 for the Mac, but he also provides details and directions for the iOS, Windows, and Android versions of 1Password.

Get Take Control of 1Password, Second Edition.