Learn How to Set Up and Manage iTunes Allowances

If your kids have iOS devices, or Macs, they probably badger you often to buy things for them. They probably ask you to buy music, movies, apps, and even in-app purchases for games they play. Eventually, they need to learn to manage money on their own, and you can set up an iTunes allowance to allow them to do this.

Every month, your son or daughter will get a fixed amount of money to spend on iTunes purchases (this money can also be used for the Mac App Store and iBooks Store), and if they don’t spend it all, it gets rolled over to the next month.

This is a good way to get kids to be more responsible about the digital content they buy, as well as to learn the value of money. All those $0.99 in-app purchases add up, and if your children have allowances, they’ll see just how much they cost over time. However, you will no longer have the power to refuse that they spend money on such things.

This feature isn’t very easy to find. Here’s how you can set up an iTunes Store allowance.

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