Learn How to Use Apple Photos with Take Control of Photos

TCo Photos 1 0 Cover for EPUBGet to know Apple’s Photos app and how best to use it to import, manage, edit, and share your photos in Mojave and iOS 12. As the successor to Apple’s iPhoto and Aperture apps, Photos has a more refined interface and deeper connections to iCloud, and it runs faster. Following the expert advice of Jason Snell, publisher of Six Colors and former lead editor at Macworld, you’ll learn how to navigate Photos like a pro with Take Control of Photos.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Migrate your library from iPhoto or Aperture (Apple’s discontinued professional photography app) into Photos
  • Import photos from devices or memory cards
  • Use multiple Photos libraries
  • Navigate the Photos interface, including the sidebar and icons
  • View, edit, or disable Live Photos
  • Organize your library by using enhanced search features, adding metadata, building albums, and creating smart albums
  • Edit your photos using quick fixes like cropping, applying filters, and fixing red-eye and rotation problems
  • Use advanced editing techniques within Photos and edit using external apps like Photoshop
  • Manage your photo collection using the Memories and People features, and get summary views
  • Sync and share your photos with iCloud
  • View your photos on an Apple TV
  • Share your photos via social media, export them out of Photos, or turn them into slideshows
  • Create printed objects (such as books and calendars) from your photos using third-party services
  • Jason also highlights changes in Photos under iOS 12, including searching for multiple items at once, a For You tab, and an updated Import tab; plus changes in Mojave, including new keyboard shortcuts and the removal of built-in features for making calendars, books, and other printed materials (and alternative means of obtaining them).

Take Control of Photos, which is about the new versions of Photos that Apple released in September 2018, covers Photos for macOS version 4.0 in Mojave, as well as Photos in iOS 12 and tvOS 12.

Get Take Control of Photos.

0 thoughts on “Learn How to Use Apple Photos with Take Control of Photos

  1. Hi Kirk. Will definitely have a look at this. I am looking to move away from Lightroom now that it is subscription based. And I’m no longer sure we need such high-powered editing as image processing becomes more improved & automated.

    That said, I wonder if you have tried Raw Power? The company was founded by the leader of the Aperture team and it is said to integrate with Photos to give a hybrid equivalent?

    Also think it would be useful to have guidance on migrating from LR to Photos. Will check if the new book covers that topic. Best, Robert

  2. Any chance of the random slideshow being introduced into Photos? I’m a dinosaur still using iPhoto because it has this feature. I cannot understand why this feature was removed in Photos.

  3. The PhotoActive Podcast was a good episode — thanks. That said, I still struggled a bit, as you seemed to in the interview, to understand the workflow using Raw Power with Photos. Particularly the non-destructive editing, the status of the Raw original, and what version goes into Photos, since Photos itself does not preserve changes to the Raw file.

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