Learn What’s New on your Mac with Sierra: A Take Control Crash Course

Tc sierraYou can head off into the wilds of Sierra with confidence when you’re equipped with Mac expert Scholle McFarland’s detailed “What’s New in Sierra” list. In this Sierra Crash Course, she also teaches you about big new Sierra features like Siri, app tabs, Desktop and Documents folder syncing, Universal Clipboard, and Apple Pay in Safari, and. Particularly important is the book’s discussion of Optimized Storage, which can save a lot of space on a Mac with a small drive, but should be enabled only when you understand its implications.

If you’re upgrading to Sierra from an older version of OS X or just haven’t taken advantage of what has come down the pike in the last few revisions, you’ll benefit from the book’s coverage of core Mac topics. Thanks to a magazine-like layout with lots of steps, lists, and screenshots, you can find just the info you need, whether it involves customizing the Dock, configuring Notification Center to be useful, pinning tabs in Safari, understanding iCloud Drive, or any one of a myriad other helpful subjects.

Note: The 1.0 version of this book covers the changes in Sierra, but we’re still finalizing a handful of chapters about existing Mac features. We plan to release the content-complete version 1.1 of this book shortly after the official release of Sierra. You get a free update to this and future versions of the book.

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