Letting Your Mind Go Free: The Value of Daydreaming

I sit at my desk, a warm mug of tea in my hands, and look out the window to my left. Across the narrow road is a wheat field, and peeking above the hedgerow I can see the pale green sprouts of the winter wheat that has recently burst through the soil. Beyond a row of trees, about a half mile away, is a gently curving hill, with more trees framed against the sky.

As I look out the window, my eyes wander, and so does my mind. I unfocus my view, and my thoughts start drifting — moving from one idea to another, seemingly at random. As I do this, I let my imagination go free: free of the constraints that I impose on thoughts, free of the need to think of anything specific. It’s a wonderful feeling to not clutch at thoughts, to allow ideas to spring up unfettered.

Since I work from home, and live in a rural area, I enjoy my surroundings and use them as a catalyst to help spawn ideas. I daydream. Not everyone has this kind of view. For many years, the only view I had was a cityscape, a parking lot, or, often, nothing other than a wall. But I would still get into this state of free thinking, eyes closed if necessary, to spur on my creativity.

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