M2 MacBook Air Review – New Form Factor for Apple’s Most Popular Mac

When Apple released the first MacBook Air in 2008, it seemed like it might be a gimmick. Steve Jobs revealed the device at a Macworld Expo keynote by sliding out of a manila envelope, suggesting that it could be shipped as a letter, not a package; its light weight and extreme thinness were its defining characteristics. While the debut model was not extremely fast, even for the time, it was the first Mac available with an optional SSD, giving a glimpse of what was to come. It was hideously expensive, with the base model’s $1,799 price increasing to $3,098 with the SSD. (Though that price dropped to $2,598 six months later, due to a drop in the price of flash memory.)

Now, 14 years later, what could be seen as Apple’s flagship Mac — the best Mac for most people, and the most popular – has adopted a new form factor. Gone is the signature aerodynamic wedge shape, replaced by no-nonsense straight sides. It is thinner and lighter than Apple‘s MacBook Pros, and is closer in form factor to the 12.9″ iPad Pro than to previous MacBook Airs.

Of all the Apple laptop models I’ve had over the years, the MacBook Air has been my favorite. While I have had several MacBook Pros, the work I do on a laptop doesn’t require that extra power. This is true for most people: if you’re not a developer, or designer, or video editor, the MacBook Air is probably right for you.

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