Macintosh HD Is Archaic

It has been a while since the Mac was called a “Macintosh.” The last computer to bear that word in its name was the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, released in June 1997. Every Mac since then has been called a Mac.

Yet when you set up a new Mac, the company still names the drive on your computer Macintosh HD. Not only is the first word archaic, but in most cases, new Macs have solid-state drives, or SSDs.

Macintosh hd

I understand that Apple may have maintained this name for a while for legacy purposes – software that looked for that as the name of the root volume on a Mac. But it seems archaic now. In addition, the icon for the drive in the Finder, as you can see above, is that of a bare hard drive.

Perhaps it’s time for Apple to change the way they name the default drive on Macs. They could use the user’s name and say, for example, Kirk’s Drive. Or allow users to choose a name during setup. (You can change the name at any time by selecting the drive, pressing Return, and typing another name.)

8 thoughts on “Macintosh HD Is Archaic

  1. Macintosh is what a Mac is. It’s kinda like it’s a Chevrolet, but everybody calls it a Chevy. I think leaving the SSD labeled Macintosh HD is a great way to pay respect to it’s heritage. They’ve gotten rid of the startup tone (after POST) and I really miss it. No need to completely strip it of it’s lineage.

  2. When we see “Macintosh HD”, everyone knows what it is, no need to change without a good reason (we also know it’s an SSD). This is an anomaly, as Apple is all about change for the sake of change, aggravating most of their customers.

  3. You think that is archaic? Check out Microsoft Word 2019’s bar at the very top of the window. There is home which is basically the open.. window and Save which is an icon of a 3.5″ micro floppy diskette.

    • Indeed. But what is the option for that? What other icon suggests saving data? I know that young people see that and wonder what it is, so it is time to think of something else. Perhaps they should just remove it; none of Apple’s apps have that type of button (though Microsoft apps do tend to have buttons for everything).

  4. Kirk, I actually agree with you. Apple needs to move on to something that makes sense to new Mac users and old alike. I manage 300 Macs, and when “re-imaging” them, the script names it macOS SSD. Sure I miss the old days installing Xserves with OS X Server with SATA drives and all the rest, but times have changed, and mac OS does come preinstalled on an SSD in 99% of all Macs sold. I’ve chosen my naming convention, but it is time Apple updated it for the masses.

  5. I’m not sure where it’s even visible in a default install (at least on the surface) – internal drives don’t show up on the desktop or the Finder sidebar with by default IIRC, and haven’t for quite a while. Apple very reasonably would prefer to nudge inexperienced users to save things to their Documents or Desktop, it seems.

  6. I have always changed the name of my HD. Anything is up for a change, especially after they jettisoned the iconic glowing  on laptops. (Now, when I type l-o-g-o it automagically changes to an apple!)

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