macOS Music App Brings Back the Column Browser

Apple has released macOS 10.15.2, and one of the big features in the Music app is the return of the column browser. As I wrote back in August, the loss of the column browser was devastating. It was the best way to navigate large libraries, and without it, it was painful to choose music.

Go to System Preferences > Software Update and get the latest version of macOS. Then, in the Music app, go into Songs view and press Command-B to display the column browser.

This update also fixes the issue where the iTunes Remote app on iOS didn’t work with the Music app.

Thanks, Apple.

13 thoughts on “macOS Music App Brings Back the Column Browser

  1. Hopefully the update also means I will no longer have to restart my iMac in order for Music to add my new CDs to my iPod Classic.

  2. Good news!
    Now I’ll get ready to leave Mojave for 10.15.2 — and probably scrap the unfinished business of finding a suitable Linux or other (free) Unix-like OS and music management app suited for a large collection of sound files, covers, other pics, booklets etc.
    I did petition Apple, as did an unknown number of other users. Maybe the Mute Giant does listen (now and then) to customers.
    So: Thanks, Apple – indeed.

  3. This is such welcome news. Shows Apple do listen!
    For me now, all I need is them to release a particular bug fix for Music on iOS. A lot of songs (all of them MP3s, not M4As) repeat their final 10-20 seconds, two or three times. It’s very frustrating. Doesn’t happen on Music OSX, or my iPod classic, just my iphone. Patience it seems, is a virture here. Come on Apple!

    • Jude I also have this problem and just it was something wrong with some of my songs. Glad to know it’s an Apple problem – maybe fixable. Now if they would just bring album artwork back to songs view. 🙏🏻

  4. Kirk, you’ve mentioned in the past that you have two iTunes libraries, one for your ripped CDs and another for strictly Apple Music (because of the mess that ensues when one syncs to iCloud Music Library). While I understand how you do this on the Mac (2 independent libraries), how do you accomplish this in iOS? Currently what I do is keep Library Syncing turned off (so that Apple Music is separate from the Downloaded Music that I have synced to my iPhone), however this prevents me from, for example, creating saved playlists in Apple Music using Apple Music tracks (and apologies in advance if was incredibly convoluted :)).

  5. Okay, I’m reading elsewhere that show album artwork has also been restored in song view, yet I am not able to find this option. Anybody else found this?

    • I’m not seeing artwork in the full song view myself, but, if I type anything in the search field, an artist, word or even just a single letter, and select songs from the results, then all the songs which include that letter do have the artwork alongside.

      I don’t recall if this was also the case with the previous version.

  6. Holy crap this is amazing, excellent news. I have skipped Catalina because of this, and had planned to remain with Mojave. Seriously.

    I bet this was a political delay, so that screenshots of the new Music app wouldn’t too much resemble the much-maligned iTunes. Now they slide it in after all the Catalina reviews are done.

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